Monday, June 28, 2010

Pampanga Baby!

Twas a birthday blast for a good friend of mine. 29MAY2010.

We need time to relax after all the hardship due to work. [but now i’m a bum]

Soothing massage from Body and Sole.

Mouth watering food from C Italian Dining at Fields Avenue, Angeles City. [the chef here was featured at Secrets of the Master because of its famous Panniza. A thin crust pizza cut into strips with bacon and ham, caramelized onion and mushroom. It’s eaten with arugula leaves and alfalfa sprout perfect and simply the best. [it’s like the Dear Darla at Yellow cab]. And two of their best pasta Spaghetti con Frutti de Mare with salmon mahimahi, prawns, imported mussels with olives, fresh tomato sauce and herbs. Pokr tenderloin ragout wiht mushroom and parmesan sauce. Oooooh i love the creamy sauce it will stay on your mouth. and the tenderloin so juicy and delicious and the grilled button mushroom tastes good also. and many more. LOL

After dinner, we decided to go to Cioccolo located at Friendship Angeles City in Grand Palazzo. For me twas the best coffee in Angeles City the ambiance is so great for couples. I love the palace setting [not all just the chairs, the ambiance, the lights. LOL]. Woah i just love their cakes. especially the Ferrero, and the Apple pie. LOL. With a good sip of Bailey’s Frappe!

To complete and the night right. We went to The Mansion drink a bit and dance till we drop. HAHA! and we head back home because the next day for them back to reality work again. For me? simple boring day. LOL!


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Random Thoughts. I guess?

In life you will encounter different strains of people.
Some are good, bad and neutral.
Backstabbing bitches.
Complicated jerks.
Frustrating bastards.
Mr. Brightside who's always optimistic about life.
Mr. Darkside the pessimist.
Social climber who lives by the standards of others.
Gold diggers who wanted to be on top like social climbers.
Life is a matter of choice.
There will be always be an option.
Don't settle for mediocrity, aim high.
Don't use others for your own sake. No Pain, No gain.
Never doubt the existence of others. You have no rights.
Never hide any ill-feelings about others from the past. That's bitterness.
Contentment is the key for happiness. For me.
When life gives you simple things. make the best out of it.
Give appreciation to small details.
Make life worthwhile.
Be a goal-oriented human being.
Fear GOD.
Never go with the flow. If you know/have it flaunt it.

unpredictable right? get use to it. XD

Sweet Torture

I met you online.
Chat for a little while.
Shared some feelings.
Until, it grows longer.
Then, suddenly i felt something.
Different, weird, unusual.
I felt these feelings before.
Not for a friend, but a more-friend thing.
I asked myself continue? or abort?
There's no harm in trying.
But wait, I've been thru hell just because of love.
Can I handle this one?
Finally, I'll give it a shot!
Things are getting better and better.
Until I noticed, why not the best?
Then, some problems started to burst in.
First, I know I can handle this.
Second, yes! I've been through these problems.
Third, wait! not again? i will try.
Fourth, oh men! what's happening?
Fifth, oh god! this should not be happening.
Sixth and so on and so forth... it's absurd!
There's no improvement.
It shows that everything is my fault.
Maybe, because I'm the only one who felt this way.
For you, these things are nothing.
I can't blame you for such.
I'm not forcing you to do so.
It's just that why can't you tell me?
Tell me straight right on my effing FACE!
Than hurting me this way.
It's like i'm eating marshmallows with pins and blades.
Sweet torture isn't it?
You helped me forget my sad story.
But, you created another one.
Try to be sensitive.
Don't be self-centered.
Believe me, you are not just a friend to me.