Saturday, June 26, 2010

Random Thoughts. I guess?

In life you will encounter different strains of people.
Some are good, bad and neutral.
Backstabbing bitches.
Complicated jerks.
Frustrating bastards.
Mr. Brightside who's always optimistic about life.
Mr. Darkside the pessimist.
Social climber who lives by the standards of others.
Gold diggers who wanted to be on top like social climbers.
Life is a matter of choice.
There will be always be an option.
Don't settle for mediocrity, aim high.
Don't use others for your own sake. No Pain, No gain.
Never doubt the existence of others. You have no rights.
Never hide any ill-feelings about others from the past. That's bitterness.
Contentment is the key for happiness. For me.
When life gives you simple things. make the best out of it.
Give appreciation to small details.
Make life worthwhile.
Be a goal-oriented human being.
Fear GOD.
Never go with the flow. If you know/have it flaunt it.

unpredictable right? get use to it. XD

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