Saturday, August 14, 2010

A boy who's wearing his raincoat.

this is no photography.

A boy who's wearing his raincoat.

There are three boys passing by our house last week. Then suddenly one boy stopped and said, 'I think it will start to rain. I'm going to get my raincoat and wear it first'. The second replied, 'No, you don't have too. It will not rain'. The boy didn't listen to him and proceed to wear it. The two boys walked away and leave the boy alone. First, the boy wore the raincoat and get his bag but he noticed his bag will get wet because it is not covered by his raincoat. Second, he removes the coat again and get his bag first then tried to wear the coat. But unfortunately, the coat is just right for his body. So he decided to wear the coat and put his bag on risking the bag to get wet instead of him. FORTUNATELY, the rain did not continue.

What the heck is this? Well, for me I salute the little boy for his effort on wearing the raincoat and he's mindful about getting sick. xD

My grammar sucks bigtime! LOL. My bad. xD


  1. Your grammar is fine. And the story sounds like a parable.