Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Intensive Care Unit

When I was in College Senior Year [yes you’ve read it right. i’m not a student anymore! LOL. bata pako!]. I have this male patient age range from 45-60 years old. He was confine in the ICU because of a serious attack called Myocardial Infarction in layman’s term Heart Attack. So, I’m the Nursing Student assigned to him. First, I introduced myself, established rapport, provided PM care, and some nursing stuffs. After how many hours of talking with while he was smiling. The doctor ordered to give a medication called Streptokinase [a drug used to dissolve clots but with SERIOUS ADVERSE EFFECT]. So they explain the risks of the drug to be administered to the significant others.

While administering the drug the patient suddenly felt restless we tried to calm him but we can’t. He’s insisting to stand up for him to urinate, but he’s on complete bed rest without bathroom privileges and he has a foley catheter inserted. After few minutes, he start struggling for us to be alarmed and put some restraints. Still, nothings change and I think it’s getting a lot worser. So they administer a sedative, but the patient tolerated the drug.

After few minutes the patient felt unconscious…

BP dropping.

Tachycardic [high heart rate]

Apneic [no external breathing]

Patient seems his color is changing, CODE 99. Emergency drugs. Intubation. CPR[this is the first time I did CPR. God too tiring but fulfilling]. After several attempts of intubation through mechanical and chemical. Unfortunately, the patient did not survived. Due to hemmorhage the dangerous adverse reaction of the drug administered. The patient did not tolerate the said drug.

Patient X pronounced dead at…

The sad truth about being a Nurse is witnessing someone’s death.

Expired- we use this term for someone who died.

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