Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lethal Injection..

I remembered our lesson on Pharmacology tackling about the drugs used in Lethal Injection.

1. Thiopental Sodium [Sodium Penthotal]- a form o barbiturates that acts an anethetic.

2. Pancuronium - a non-depolarizing muscle relaxant, fast acting paralysis on the skeletal striated muscles including the diaphragm and the respiratory system thus leading to cessation of breathing causing asphyxation eventually leading to death.

3. Potassium Chloride - a therapeutic drug use to increase the Potassium level in the body. But, if the drug is administered in bolus[higher dosage] it can react on the cardiac muscle causing arrythmias[irregular heart beats] that can cause cardiac arrest eventually causing death.

oh yun wala lang. HAHA. feeling matalino. LOLjk.

this is better than Silya Elektrika [ikr?].But as much as possible they're trying to eradicate death penalty in the Country.But for me, I like to have death penalty! It's not being morbid or harsh. This is one way for those criminal mind to back off. But if you're in some kind of a drug addict, I don't think so you will still listen about what is right form wrong. Drugged people don't seems to have any laws. They create their own law.

Goodluck Pilipinas!

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